Advanced Solutions for Chronic Diseases

The Nexeon team is developing and commercializing platforms that address large unmet needs in neurological and cardiovascular diseases. We believe that "smart" devices will enable clinicians to make more effective therapy choices for their patients. These devices will lower costs to the health care system, lower the costs to the caregiver, and keep a patient in the therapeutic range of the treatment more often.

Our Platform Technology


The multi-purpose implantable pulse generator (IPG) is designed with state-of-the-art stimulation flexibility and the ability to record physiological biopotentials from connected leads. The IPG provides connectors for two 8-contact leads (configurable up to 32 channels) with independent current sources dedicated to delivering simultaneous constant-current stimulation to each channel. Nearly any conceivable stimulation waveform may be programmed with flexibility for unique parameters on different stimulation contacts. When connected to a "directional" lead, the stimulation current and biopotential recording can be steered towards more precise regions of interest.

Implantable Pulse Generator Features

  • 32 channel recording and stimulation capabilities
  • Intelligent stimulator engine capable of independent stimulation of multiple neural targets
  • Record biopotentials from connected leads
  • Bi-directional wireless link allows reprogramming & updating
  • Intuitive, rechargeable neurostimulator battery with a capacity exceeding 2 weeks
  • Anatomical comfort with a thin profile