Life at Nexeon

Who we are. What we do. And why we do it.

Our Vision

We empower people to be free. We’re building sophisticated active implantable medical devices and corresponding software platforms that allow for algorithmic, remote management of these devices.  These comprehensive systems optimize freedom for three populations we prioritize:Free.jpg

  • Our patients. Our systems remove the burden of patients’ chronic neurological diseases and other co-morbidities by eliminating doctors’ office visits, medication needs, and chronic insufficient therapy.  With our systems, these patients can restore or maintain their preferred independence and quality-of-life.
  • Our healthcare providers. With our systems actively iterating therapy based on data collected from an individual patient’s nervous system, the post-operative management of the device by healthcare providers is minimized.  Thus, doctors and nurses are free to go on to do the work that only they can do.  Additionally, as micro- and macro-data are collected from our devices, we will have an Internet of Medical Device Technology system that facilitates expedited delivery of personalized care, greatly enhancing the efficacy of our healthcare system.
  • Our team members. We foster a company culture that attracts and retains gritty, outcome-focused problem solvers who desire to work wherever and whenever.  While we hire specifically to have the right person in the right seat, there is abundant opportunity within our organization to learn new skills, explore different projects, and collaborate with a variety of personalities; the only limitation to what you can achieve in our company is your own capacity.

Our Leadership

Nexeon_CEO_Will_Rosellini.jpgOur team is led by CEO Will Rosellini, an ex-minor-league baseball pitcher turned JD/MBA neurotechnologist with unparalleled experience in translational medicine.  He explains his vision to be that he is “Turning Bodies Into Cars”, or in other words, he imagines a future where one’s health can be managed and maintained much like your smartphone runs system checks in the
background and routinely updates its operating software with minimal or no interference to the user. His vision reaches beyond improving the state of sick patients back to a state of health, but he also insists that we are building the foundation for the future of human augmentation.  This concept encompasses the implantable devices that can take healthy patients and enhance their normal features beyond what’s normal. You can learn more about this by reading about his collaboration with Deus Ex.  

Our Culture 

We are a fast-paced, agile, lean organization with smart people who are passionate about working towards and achieving excellent results.  We are hungry to learn, to fail forward quickly, and to drive towards our big audacious goals. Much of our team interaction is virtual as our people live all around the world. There is significant autonomy and personal accountability inherent in our culture.  However, this autonomy is balanced with a supportive, highly-responsive team who can and will quickly redirect capacity when needed to contribute to the completion of major initiatives.  We describe ourselves as a “flat” organization, meaning there is no “boss”.  There is accountability and leadership, but there is also the opportunity to rise to being a leader at any given point if and when you have the best idea and can support it accordingly.  We have an environment that encourages constructive conflict.  Second to our people, our time is our next most valuable asset, so we use it purposefully and effectively.